• Preparation of RFQ and detailed specifications of plant equipment / materials
  • Tender evaluation (if-required) of plant equipment / materials
  • Preparation of installation / commissioning check documents
  • Design Qualification
  • Installation Qualification
  • Operation Qualification
  • Performance Qualification
  • Preparation of O&M manuals based on spare parts list & Equipment details provided by vendors
  • Preparation of as-built drawings based on site modifications
  • Building structural, architectural and interior layout drawings
  • Electrical, equipment and process load data with locations
  • Design criteria and technical parameters / guidelines for the application
  • Schematic / conceptual layout drawings
  • Design codes / industry practices to be followed
  • Technical specifications and approved makes of material and equipments
  • Critical Power requirements
  • Critical System requirements
  • Critical Process requirements
  • Operation criteria and maintenance criteria of the systems
  • Quality Assurance Plan
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